St. Andrew's Youth Report 2017

Report 2017

St. Andrew's Youth Report 2017

Fewer children attend, although we do have visitors from church members attend.

Louise Jordan will be leaving Burnham this year, reducing our flexibility.  
Also Dee Cornish has other family commitments due to parental illness.
Judith Gratton is now working full time reducing her capability of preparation of activities.
It is now policy that when only one leader is available and children attend that we go into church (still with activities) for safeguarding reasons.

SAY was not invited to the last Food and Drink festival as there was no Princess Hall available.  However, we have been invited for May and October 2018.
We did start to do monthly church café sessions in first half of 2017, which had between 5 to 12 children as well as their parents attending.  However, the demands on everyone’s time and preparation for this as well as the normal SAY and as the organisers are all working it has proved hard to maintain the event.Consequently the Monthly church café sessions have not been running since.
SAY have prepared an exhibition at Burnham on Sea Library, exhibiting our work and that we are open to newcomers.

Adults involved all working, makes preparation harder. Another option is to buy pre prepared activities, please advise your thoughts on this.
Since Judith had her own scales and sieve taken from outside of the church hall (they were left for all of 5 minutes) she can no longer bring her lap top to SAY, which limits ways to engage the children.  They often know more about some systems that she does. Any chance of a second or third hand laptop that we can run DVD’s or power points on?
Also the Diocesan web site for Sunday School is no longer running.  We have switched to “Free Sunday School curriculum” (  This site has a similar format to Bath & Wells diocesan website.   We are now covering the Old Testament.
Also the resource centre is no more and we obtained DVD and other books free prior to the centre closing.  
Patrick Gratton (an old attendee) has made three crosses that we have placed in the SAY window in church to hang our work from.  

Future plans: To keep SAY going
To see if there are any other people who might help in preparation for activities and or becoming a Leader.

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