Julian Meeting

Julian Meeting

A time of silence


 Every month for several years a small group had been meeting in Church one evening a month for about half an hour for contemplative prayer. The members may have changed over the years but the group goes onwards. It is a time of silence and the group shares that silence, we just 'are' before God, and God is in control. 

Prayer has been going on faithfully in St. Andrew's for over 700 years in so many different forms, and the contemplative group has grown and developed more as praying people to become the Julian Meetings. These 'meetings' foster prayer in the Christian tradition both here and in many other countries around the world. (To find out more about the concept of Julian Meetings please click here) The Julian Meetings are a group at the heart of St Andrew's who meet on the third Monday of the month at 10am in the Church, which is open to all in the Burnham area and is ecumenical. It will last for up to one hour and will include about a half hour of silence, some teaching and conclude with coffee. 

We are all unique and there must be as many different types of prayer as there are people, but sharing prayerful silence, although at times challenging, with a like minded group can be a very special experience.



Julian Meeting

When we meet

3rd Monday at 10am

Where we meet

St Andrew's Church

Group Leader

Tony Roost

Call leader

01278 795519

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