Julian Group September 2021

Julian Group September 2021

Julian Group September 2021

Dear Friends,


We are looking forward to our Julian Meeting on Monday next and hope you will be able to join us in St Andrew’s Church in person or in spirit at 10 a.m. If you are unable to be with us at that precise time please feel free to use the following resources at a time convenient to you because it is the sharing together that is important, less so the precise timing.


Last month we drew heavily on the materials in the August edition of the Julian Meetings magazine and we promised to do so again because they are so good and helpful. Indeed it is a wonderful privilege to be part of this international movement by virtue of our registered membership. This fellowship is really significant. We can contemplate the wonders of our Loving Father God alone of course, but to do so together adds another dimension to this deep and wonderful Mystery.


The essence of our contemplative fellowship is to be silent and still before our ineffable God and to rely on the Holy Spirit to pray in and through us wordlessly in ways that are beyond our comprehension. Giving ourselves to this conscious inactivity together has the most wonderful reward. We are thereby drawn closer to God and He to us in a healing and life affirming way. Contemplatives have always resisted trying to explain or define this joyous dynamic, this after all is the ineffability of Father God. How do you explain this?


Do join us, old friends and new, physically or virtually present. 

Together we ‘let go, and let God love us’ ; it really is that simple and that profound. 


Love from us,


Liz and Tony


SOME RESOURCES which may be helpful but are not prescriptive.

 (With thanks to the contributors to the Julian Meetings August magazine)


GOING IN to the Great Silence

A Prayer


Deeper than my words,

deeper than my knowing,

Spirit, pray in me.


I  open the door of my heart for you.

I hold the arms of my spirit open for you.


Spirit, pray in me.


I only hold the space.

I do not hear your prayers,

your sighs too deep for my hearing.


I do not know how to pray.

I only know how to be still,

Spirit, as you pray in me.’


(Steve Granada’s-Holmes…posted on Unfolding Light, May18, 2018)




‘Silence has a great hole at its centre

through which we enter;

nothing is asked of us,

no words are spoken;

we find ourselves as we always were

before loving got in the way.


(Pauline Hawkesworth)


God is great, and therefore He will be sought.

God is good, and therefore He will be found. ‘


Enter then the Silence through the great hole at its centre…….. breathe deeply…. Use your anchor prayer/mantra to stay in the Silence ……. remain there for around thirty minutes, or as long as you desire.


COMING OUT, very slowly and gently…….breathe deeply…. perhaps use this Prayer:


Prayer Stool


‘I leave aside my shoes, my ambitions;

and undo my watch, my timetable;

take off my glasses, my views;

unclip my pen, my work;

put down my keys; my security;

to be alone with you, the only true God.


      After being with you,

I take up my shoes to walk in your ways;

strap on my watch to live in your time;

put on my glasses to look at your world;

clip on my pen to write up your thoughts;

pick up my keys to open your doors.’


(+Graham Kings, from Nourishing Connections, used with permission of Canterbury Press).


God bless you and yours, until we meet again.

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