Julian Group May 2021

Julian Group May 2021

Julian Group May 2021

Dear Friends,

We take this opportunity to bring you another offering of materials to help our Burnham Julian Meeting to continue our Contemplative journey together but separately on account of the pandemic restrictions, although they are relaxed a little from this date forward. 

The plan is to resume our meeting together in St. Andrew’s, Burnham on Sea, on Monday the 21st June at 10 am and this intent has been approved by Fr Graham Witts. Many thanks to those of you who have indicated support for this plan. We will, however, continue to send a notice letter and suitable suggested materials until the end of 2021 in case you are unable to join in person, or would prefer to be cautious a little longer. Such caution is entirely valid and respected, indeed this chimes with our Government’s advice to be cautious even when restrictions are further largely lifted from the 21 st of June, as the course of the virus, and its mutations are monitored closely.

The most recent Julian Meetings magazine is a feast of wonderful resources to encourage and assist our Contemplative quest together. We commend it to you. Indeed we have drawn heavily on these for the resources mentioned below and thank our Julian colleagues for sharing them in the Magazine. We hope you will benefit from them as much as we expect to at our May meeting, together virtually. Please join us virtually at 10 a.m. on the 17th May, or at such other time that day as may be convenient for you. In conclusion, we also express the hope of seeing you in Church at 10 a.m. on the 21st June. On that occasion please observe the requirements concerning hand sanitation, social distancing and the wearing of masks as the Church requires at that date. With our love and appreciation of your steadfast support,  Tony &  Liz.


 RESOURCES (courtesy of Julian Meetings members and Magazine)

‘On May, 8th, the church celebrated the Feast of Dame Julian of Norwich, a 15th century English anchored, mystic and writer, who was born around 1342, during the years of the plague pandemic or Black Death. Aged 30, Julian suffered a grave illness, on what appeared to be her deathbed, on 8th May, she experienced a series of visions of Christ, or ‘showings’. When she recovered, she wrote a book about these visions, ‘Revelations of Divine Love’. As an anchoress, Julian lived a solitary life, never leaving her cell. Her meals were brought to her, and she kept a small garden inside a high wall. Aside from listening through a curtailed window to those who came to seek her counsel, she lived in complete isolation. Popular belief is that she kept a cat, and in art, she is often depicted with her cat.

For today’s Julian Prayer Meeting - each in our own homes because of the social distancing restrictions, let us start by sitting comfortably and be aware of our posture and breathing, and try to be as relaxed as we can. ‘

 Eastern Christianity, the Orthodox Church, has influenced the wider Church by claiming that anything we can say about God is inadequate.

 From the medieval writer of ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ we have “ By love God may be gotten and holden; but by thinking never. “

‘The deepest levels of faith can be wordless. And can be found in silence.’ 

(Per Hilary Wakeman)


‘Lord God, we ask you to bless us as we come to you in prayer. We come with our faith and with our doubts, with our needs and the needs of the world. Unite us in faith, encourage us with hope and inspire us with love. We ask this through Christ, in the holy and life-giving Spirit.  Amen’

 ‘Going in Julian tells us, again and again, that in God we can depend on a Love more vast than the earth, more certain and constant than the law of gravity, pulling us in, holding us close.


Coming out Closing Prayer

For your strength that fills us and your love that heals us, we thank you Lord;

For your presence here with us today and your hand that leads us into tomorrow, we thank you Lord.

And we ask you to bless us and fill us with your grace,

in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen’

‘May the Lord bless you and keep you.’ Amen.

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