Julian Group March 2021

Julian Group March 2021

Julian Group March 2021

Dear Julian Friends,

Welcome to our Meeting in silent fellowship across space and time (and Covid 19) on the Ides of March. It may not have been a happy day for Julius Caesar who was assassinated on this day, in 44 BC. Thus “Beware the Ides of March”. But for us any day when we  join together to seek the face of God in silent contemplation is a blessed time.
Thank you to those of you who send words of thanks and encouragement for these humble offerings; much appreciated in turn, although the certain knowledge that we are meeting together at approximately 10 a.m., or as close to that time as is convenient to you, in this joint enterprise , is all the thanks that is needed.
May we ,please, on this occasion , also honour two of our company who have gone to be with our Lord in the last year. Firstly, our dear friend Brian Mould who died on the 17th March just as lockdown was commencing and within a couple of days of our last physical meeting together. Secondly, our dear friend Nicky Henning who entered God’s eternal rest last December. Could we please hold them in our hearts before God and also Kathy, Brian’s much loved wife and our friend for sure, at the beginning of our contemplation. 
Whilst Church is re-opening on the 14 th March, subject to restrictions, I hope you will agree that we will continue to meet as we have in the last year, together in spirit, but in our own homes, until all restrictions are lifted  and everyone has had their vaccination. May that day come very soon!
This month we suggest we focus on the third “S” word of Julian Meetings, namely Surrender (silence,stillness, surrender and simplicity). The following words are only intended to stimulate our minds with images! Not words. We strive always in Julian Contemplation to move beyond words into the Great Silence which is at the heart of God, and where we meet Him in our own hearts. So , do not spend too much time with the words. The images they conjure up may help though.
Stay well and safe in the peace of Father God, by the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. May His Holy Spirit be you constant companion in all your days and nights. Love from us both.
Truly, Tony & Liz.

GOING IN : Breathe deeply for five minutes or so. YAHWEY. In on ‘Yah’..... out on ‘weh’..... 

Surrender to the peace and presence of God....... surrender all concerns of the day.
In stillness and silence...... surrender mindfully to the Great Silence....... listen for Him....let Him love you..... bask in His love as in sunbathing.

O God, will I ever trust You more than I trust the things I can touch and see? Yet I must reach that point if I am to live abundantly. Please help me to do so, in Jesus name. Amen.”

“ The surrender you make to Christ is the same kind of surrender that a loose wire makes when it surrenders itself to the dynamo. Now it throbs with the the energy, light and power. Paint surrenders to the artist and ordinary fluid begins to express intelligence and passion.And as for us this is not mere acquiescence; it is co-operation with the power that raised Jesus from the dead”.
(Thanks to “New Daylight” BRF daily Bible reading notes)
SURRENDER TO THE GREAT SILENCE for up to half and hour, then slowly, very slowly and gently ease your way towards........
“ I know now Lord, why you utter no answer. You are yourself the answer.  Before your face questions die away”.      C.S.Lewis

A life of true peace involves total surrender to Jesus, and the willingness to cease living as a self-centred person and to live instead as a Christ-centred one”
(New Daylight — ibid)
When the people of Heaven welcomed their heart-love, O Mary, your beautiful Son broke into tears before them”.   
(Ancient Irish Words)
Every morning lean thine arm a while 
Upon the window-sill of heaven 
And gaze upon thy God;
Then with the vision in the heart
Turn strong to meet the day”
Peace be with you. Amen.

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