Julian Group July 2021

Julian Group July 2021

Julian Group July 2021

Julian Meeting Monday 19th July 2021

Dear Julian Friend,

Today we will focus our prayer on the assurance that “Nothing can separate us from God’s Love”

Entering Prayer

God you are all goodness, present now”

Julian’s Words

And so, in all this contemplation it seemed to me that it was necessary to see and to know that we are sinners and commit many evil deeds which we ought to forsake, and leave man good deeds undone which we ought to do, so that we deserve pain, blame and wrath. And despite all this, I saw truly that our Lord was never angry, and never will be. Because he is God, he is good, he is truth, he is love, he is peace; and his power, his wisdom, his charity, and his unity do not allow him to be angry. For I saw truly that it is against the property of his power to be angry and against the property of his goodness. Our soul is united to him who is unchangeable goodness. And between God and our soul, there is neither wrath nor forgiveness in his sight. For our soul is so wholly united to God, through his own goodness, that between God and our soul nothing can interpose. (Showings, p259)

Enter Silence

Breath gently, allow all worries to rise like incense to your loving God. Relax and, allow yourself to be met by God’s Gentle Love. See in the depths of your soul the Light of God's Gentle Love for You. Ask God for the gift of a Gentle Heart. Allow your soul to become deeply aware of unity with God who is unchangeable goodness”

Taking Prayer outward

After 30 minutes or however long your silent prayer was:

Bring the peace and unity in Gentle Love to consciousness and end your time of prayer with thankfulness to God.

Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father, your gentle Love has filled my emptiness, grant me a gentle heart that speaks only of your unchangeable Goodness”

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