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achieving better trading conditions

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St. Andrew's prides itself on being a Fairtrade Church using Fairtrade coffee and tea when serving refreshments at an event or service. We have a fairtrade stall once a month on the 3rd sunday of the month in the Church Hall during coffee / tea after the 10am Sunday Morning Service. 

We hold a Fairtrade fortnight at the beginning of March when students from St. Andrew's School run a Fairtrade Cafe in the Church. This is a national time to reflect on our Fairtrade with third world countries. We all want cheap food but this often means that Third World Farmers and communities are asked to supply food at little or no profit to them. It also means that land they could use for food production for themselves is used to provide cash crops for the likes of big supermarkets. 




When we meet

3rd Sunday after 10am Service

Where we meet

St Andrew's Church Hall

Group Leader

Roger Miller

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