Vicars Letter April 2019

Hope not fear

Vicars Letter April 2019

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago I preached on fear and this seems to have struck a chord with many of you.

Nelson Mandela suggested that our choices in life should be made on our hopes and not on our fears. I think what he was trying to say is that he hoped that people would not be described or inhibited by their fears, but rather, be defined by the things they hoped for and worked towards. I am sure we would all want a eulogy that spoke of our abilities and gifts and aspirations in life rather than our phobias and worries (real and imagined).

 On Easter morning God spoke – and like in Genesis when God spoke – something happened.  The disciples on that first Easter morning were defined by their fears, hidden away from the glare of the attention of the religious authorities in Jerusalem. Fearful that they too might end up dead like their Rabbi Jesus. They were inhibited and petrified by their anxieties and fears grieving and without hope.

 All that changed with one simple word as Mary meets the Risen Christ: ‘Mary’  This Easter, in a way beyond human comprehension, God speaks our own name. Today he says to you: “N….. Christ is risen, and your life need not be defined or proscribed by fears of mortality.”

 May we know the liberty to be free of our life draining worries and hear again that word of life. May we hear that invitation that begins with our own personal name.

 You friend and priest


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