Vicar's Letter March 2018


Vicar's Letter March 2018

It is quite strange that this year has seen Ash Wednesday fall on St Valentine’s Day and so Easter Day will be on the first of April (1st April) or All Fools’ day.

To the early disciples it must have seemed a cruel prank of Mary to come and tell them that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. Indeed Luke records ‘but these words seemed an idle tale and they would not believe them’.

But in this way the cosmic changing truth of Easter was made known. Life out of death should not have been a great shock to the disciples. It should not have been surprising since Christ had raised Lazarus and a little girl.
With Christ’s death on Good Friday – an ironic name if ever there was one – people might have thought this Galilean miracle worker was dead and his miracles would cease.

Easter Day was the vindication that Jesus was no itinerant miracle worker, but actually part of the Godhead, and that the ‘power’ to raise people to life was beyond the flesh and blood Jesus. So, it was that the seemingly cruel joke of Mary turned into a most wonderful life affirming hope for the dispirited followers of Jesus. That has been the truth and experience of the Church down the centuries as it has sought to ‘live the story and tell the story’ of their faith.

I trust, despite the pressures of the secular world, we will have the last laugh of faith on 1st April.

Your friend & priest


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