Vicar's Letter July / August 2018


Vicar's Letter July / August 2018

Dear Friends,

You will read elsewhere in another article about a Confirmation service to be held in St Andrew’s in September. It seems a good time then to ponder on our own Confirmation – however long ago it might have been.

A Confirmation service is an occasion when someone as a grown up Christian can affirm the promises that their parents and God-parents made on their behalf when they were a baby.

The Confirmation candidate is asked the same questions as the parents and Godparents – and answer for themselves. The Confirmation is an adult statement of faith and belief. Often, though not always, it is a sign of being admitted to Communion for the first time. This is a sacramental sign of being a full member of a worshipping community. Following this service the candidates can join in fully in any church they are visiting or attend be it Torquay or Timbuktu – (literally).

Seeing others come to make this step of faith is an encouragement to others and to ourselves. It is a sign that God is at work and still touching the lives of those in our own generation. This is something to rejoice and celebrate.

Can you recall when and where you were Confirmed?

Can you recall anything about the occasion?

It would be good to share some of these recollections with those being Confirmed in September, to take an interest in them and to assure them of our prayers and best wishes.


Your friend & priest


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