Vicar's Letter July 2019

Welcoming our new curate

Vicar's Letter July 2019

Dear Friends,

On behalf of St Andrew’s I want to publicly welcome Margaret as our Assistant Curate. Please make yourself known to Margaret and give her that St Andrew’s welcome that is so often commented on in our visitor’s book and by those visiting our services.

I should just clear up a misunderstanding which I have been asked about, on more than one occasion, since we announced Margaret was coming to St Andrew’s. So please read the following very carefully and then you will be in a position to explain any misunderstandings that come your way!

Sharon completed her curacy in 2017 and became the Associate Vicar of St Andrew’s. This is the title on her licence and marks the fact that she is no longer a curate. However, several people in church and in the community seem to think that because Margaret is arriving – Sharon is leaving. Sharon is NOT a curate, and is NOT leaving. Margaret is a Curate and an addition to the ministry team – not a replacement. Please understand this paragraph so you are clear about the differences in Margaret’s and Sharon’s title.

Sharon has brought her own unique ministry to Burnham and this is paying rich dividends. Recently I had a conversation with a member of Burnham on Sea about the bereavement café. This individual had heard about the café – not from a church member but from a resident of the town. This underlines the nature of St Andrew’s as being the parish church for the whole community and not just for the congregation.

Margaret will bring her own unique gifts to share with us – but like the rest of us in recognised ministry – cannot do this alone or in our own strength. So, pray for her as she, I am sure will be offering prayers for you.

She was ordained in Wells Cathedral on Sunday 30th June at 10.30am and will commence her ministry in Burnham on Monday morning when she joins us for Morning Prayer followed by an induction morning in church and in the parish.

Her first public engagement on a Sunday morning will be on Sunday 7th July when she will act as deacon for the first time. She will also publicly swear a declaration of allegiance. She will have previously, before her ordination sworn an oath of obedience to the Queen and to the Lord Bishop of Bath & Wells.

In truth, Margaret will bring her own gifts to bear in St Andrew’s – but she is not the fourth member of the Trinity and so her gifts are limited – like the rest of us all. So, she will need your gifts to be offered too.

Your friend and priest   Graham

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