Vicar's Letter February 2019

Christ is the Light of the World

Vicar's Letter February 2019

Dear Friends,

 Christmas 2018 now seems a life time ago and slowly but surely the days are lengthening by a few minutes each day. This month begins liturgically with Candlemas. 

 By tradition this Sunday was the occasion when the candles were blessed for the coming year. Historically, and before the invention of electricity, candles had a practical and liturgical use. We now use candles in our Sunday worship, at baptisms, weddings and the Pascal candle used at Easter is lit for each funeral held in church to remind us of Christ’s promise of eternal life.

 In these days of a ready supply of electricity we can use candles to remind ourselves of Christ as the Light of the World.  Christ – the light of God brings to light things hidden in darkness. Light also creates shadows. So, when in confession Christ illuminates our minds to become aware of some sin and failure to live up to the demands of Christian living, we are made aware of the shadow areas of our life.

 We are ALL called, as our Bible verse for 2019 reminds us, to be transformed. Transformers are used in our homes to take the main power of electricity and to use it to enhance and make work small electrical items. This changing power is a metaphor of how the power of the Almighty God, creator of the Universe can be a gift and resource to us as we seek to live out our Christian faith week in and week out.

 I pray that may be our experience in the next 11 months – and beyond.

                                         Your friend and priest    Graham

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