Third Thursday Report 2017

Report 2017

Third Thursday Report 2017

According to the local Dementia Action Alliance group, nearly 1,900 people in the Sedgemoor district are living with Dementia, which means that Dementia affects many people within our Parish, either those living with Dementia, or those caring for loved ones.

The incidence and often isolating effects of dementia led to prayerful consideration as to what input St Andrews could offer to to those living with Dementia, and out of this 3rd Thursday was born.

3rd Thursday is a monthly service that is by no means restricted to those living with Dementia, it is open to all as is any service or activity at St Andrews, yet it strives to be Dementia friendly.
This means that the service is short, and involves well familiar and well loved hymns, prayers and actions that by time and repetition become familiar and easy to follow. We often have some of the congregation jigging away to their favourite hymns! 3rd Thursday began in July with 17 people, and we have met each month since and now have around 30 people coming along.

A major part of 3rd Thursday along with the service is the tea; coffee, sandwiches and cake served on beautifully set out tables at the back of church where we all sit together, getting to know one another, chatting and sharing fellowship together.
There is a friendly team who make people feel at home, and offer this ministry of hospitality that we so value at St Andrews.
Everyone goes home with a little verse written out for them each month as a reminder of the service  and Blessing from St Andrews.
3rd Thursday belongs to everyone, and people are always very welcome to come along.

if anybody could offer to make some sandwiches or cakes occasionally, please let Sharon or Annemarie know, we would be very grateful.

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