Praying for God's Kingdom

February Letter from Bishop of Taunton

Praying for God's Kingdom

'Letting go and letting God...' has been a phrase I've been turning over in my head since the beginning of the year. When Jesus has his conversation with Nicodemus he talks about the wind blowing where it wills. He uses this as an image to speak of the work of the Holy Spirit in breathing new life into those being 'born again of the Spirit'.

Our prayer is not about controlling God. It's not about giving him a list of daily tasks to fulfil on our behalf. As I think more about it I imagine our prayer to be as if we place in our upturned hands those things we are offering to God. For his blessing, his attention, his grace to be expressed. And then it's as if that wind of the Spirit blows gently across our palm and lifts those things. What happens next is not something we can control.

That's no easy task is it? We often know the answer we would like to see God give to our prayer. However as Jesus taught us, we pray for God's Kingdom to come and His will to be done. We are not called to predict or demand the outcome of our prayer but to let go and let God...

How might you liberate the power of the Spirit through your prayer this month?

The Right Reverend Ruth Worsley
Bishop of Taunton

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