PCC Report 2016

Report 2016

PCC Report 2016

PCC has met 7 times throughout the year from May 2016 until March 2017.

The topics that were discussed at PCC were:

Works carried out in the church

As the outside repair works had been completed last year and had now sufficiently dried the interior redecoration and lighting scheme in the church could go ahead, which began on 4th January 2017. This is going well and is on target to be completed by the beginning of May. 

Plans for a disabled WC to be put in church were put on hold as the PCC could not decide where would be best for it without causing too much disruption and taking up too much space. 

Jaycroft Road Property 

The inside of the house is now up to modern day specification and we have had tenants in all year who have maintained the house well. This next year we will be looking at  repointing and exterior decoration. 

Parish Share

To reflect the Parish at this time we have decreased in category from an ‘E’ to an ‘F’.

Reader Ministry

Tony Roost’s Licence was renewed.

Emily Scott began her Reader training in September 2016. 

Associate Vicar

On 18th December 2016 Rev Sharon Eldergill was licensed as Associate Vicar of the Parish of Burnham-on-Sea.  


PCC Member Profiles in Magazine

Members of the PCC have been writing profiles of themselves, which have been published in the magazine so that our church can be more welcoming and friendly.   


At the moment we do not have a website but we are currently in the process of setting up a new one to reflect the mission and ministry of our church.


In December 2016 we discussed disbursements, which were as follows: 

Bible Society   £300

Food Bank   £400

Children’s Hospice South West £200

Embrace £300 

Mother Union £100

Weston Hospice Care £300

Toilet Twinning £200

Total  £1,800

This year we decided not to support Zambia or The Red Cross and focus on other charities to support.


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