Pastoral letter 4th April 2021

Pastoral letter 4th April 2021

Pastoral letter 4th April 2021





8.00a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)

10.00a.m. Said Eucharist

6 am Dawn Service of the word.  outside in the church yard front of St Andrew's  
8 am Holy Communion
10 am Holy Communion.

Link to YouTube Service

Face masks are mandatory, Please observe social distancing and follow instructions for receiving Communion and when leaving after the service.

We are monitoring the Government and Church of England websites and you will be notified of any plans and changes. Anyone who wishes to return to Church in the coming weeks who has not already informed GRAHAM – please do so. Graham is collating the list so please direct your requests DIRECTLY to him and not via Margaret or Sharon – thank you.

IF ATTENDING – PLEASE NOTE –If you attended on the 14th March or after you need not inform Graham if you are attending today. Those attending Church for the first time are asked to inform Graham, if you have not done so already. We are not using the bi-weekly system ( A – M, N – Z) at present. You may bring a cushion to sit on if this makes you more comfortable, provided you take it home with you afterwards.

PLEASE NOTE NEW OPENING TIMES - The Church is open for individual prayer from 10am to 12Noon on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (10a.m. Holy Communion followed by open church for prayers, commencing 18th March) - and Friday.

TODAY’s online service is from Revd Margaret and the service on 11th April is led by Sharon

For those not online – paper versions will be sent out and circulated.

Monday 5th April

Ps 111

Mark 18v 1 - 8

Tuesday 6th

Ps. 112



Luke 24vv 1 - 12

Wed 7th April

Ps 113

Matt 28vv 16 to end

Thursday 8th April

Ps 114

Lk 7vv 11 - 17

Friday 9th April


Ps 115

Luke 8v 41 to end

Saturday 10th April

Ps 116

Jn 11v 17 - 44

Monday 12th

Ps 19

Jn 20.v 1 - 10

Tues. 13th

Ps 8

Jn. 20v 11 - 18

Wed 14th

Ps 30

Jn. 20v 19 to end

Thurs 15th

Ps 28

Jn. 21v 1 - 14

Friday 16th

Ps 61

Jn 21v 15 - 19

Sat 17th

Ps 84

Jn 21v 20 to end


FOODBANK – Thank you for the donations left at the Vicarage. The Foodbank is receiving a huge number of requests for help while people wait for grants and benefits to come through. If, you can support the foodbank donations can be dropped off in Tesco or at the Vicarage.


Monday Those in hospitality industry

Tuesday Weston Hospice & St Margaret’s hospice and their staff and chaplains

Wednesday Those working in our care homes in Burnham and Burnham hospital.

Thursday Our Foodbank

Friday Our local schools in Burnham - staff and pupils

Saturday Our Bishops at this time. Especially Bishop Peter shielding and preparing for this retirement on medical grounds.


Prayers are asked for - Mark Coles. We are asked to pray for Philip. We pray for Alison Crump convalescing at home. We pray for Emily, Matt and Ted Scott and pray for them at this time.

.Homemade cards for most occasions available in aid of the Children’s Society. Phone Jean 781514.Thank you. Regards Jean

Stations of the Cross

There will be a set of 12 Crosses placed in the churchyard that you can prayerfully follow and pray for all affected by Covid 19. So, when you are out for exercise do walk the Churchyard.


During Lent we are going to offer you the chance to join in the UNICEF TwinningVax. Just as we are twinned with our toilets – so we have an opportunity to donate monies so that people in the Third World can be vaccinated.

You can read about the UNICEF appeal on their website. Please retain any monies saved for this excellent cause and it can be handed in on Easter DAY – THANK YOU. The suggested cost of a Vaccine for the 3rd World is £4.00.

£195.00 collected so far – thank you.




Support group – Begins 25th April after the Thursday 10am service. You do not have to come to the service first and the sessions will begin at 10.45a.m.- so some will be leaving while others arrive after the service.

Who for? – anyone affected by lockdown and would like to meet with others. We have lived isolated lives and so this is a chance to meet with others, to chat and listen to each other’s stories and think about some of the ways life has changed

What ?– there will be conversation and support, laughter and tears maybe. The sessions will be led and end at Noon with a brief prayer.

How? – Limited to 15 – as per guidelines – will run for 8 weeks initially.


For more information and to book a place ring Margaret 07401272939


Week beginning Monday 5th

- The Clergy are taking this week away from parochial duties. We are still available for crucial phonecalls and emails – but can everything else wait please till 12th April.



A BIG thank you to all who decorated the Church for Easter Day


Have a blessed Eastertide = Graham, Sharon and Margeret.