Pastoral letter 21st February 2021

Pastoral letter 21st February 2021

Pastoral letter 21st February 2021


BURNHAM ON SEA for 14th February 2021


Public worship is suspended at St Andrew’s Church and will remain so until after the Governments own review has taken place (Feb 22nd). Recommencing worship on Sundays will then depend on a number of factors, unknown at this present time. We are monitoring the Government and Church of England websites and you will be kept up to date as information becomes available.

The Church is open for individual prayer from 10am to 12Noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Online service provision continues -

Today’s service is Led by Graham and includes the new headteacher of St Andrew’s and Mr Neil Biddiscombe who is completing his ministry training and will be ordained later in the year.

We will have the service available to you via, post, church website, email and YouTube & Facebook and the website – A Church Near You.(ACNY) The YouTube service should be available on Saturday – so do look.

SERVICE FOR 28th February – We will not be producing a local service today – but invite you to share in the Church of England Service on its website.


Weeks readings




Monday 22nd

Ps 11

Jn 5 vv 1 - 18

Tuesday 23rd




John 5vv19 - 29

Wed 24th

Ps 6

Jn 5vv 30 to end

Thursday 25th

Ps 42

Jn 6 vv 1 - 15

Friday 26th


Ps 22

Jn 6 vv16 - 27

Saturday 27th

Ps 63

Jn 6vv 27 - 20


FOODBANK – Thank you for the donations left at the Vicarage. The Foodbank is receiving a huge number of requests for help while people wait for grants and benefits to come through. If, you can support the foodbank donations can be dropped off in Tesco or at the Vicarage.


Monday Those in hospitality industry

Tuesday Weston Hospice & St Margaret’s hospice and their staff and chaplains

Wednesday Those working in our care homes in Burnham and Burnham hospital.

Thursday Our Foodbank

Friday Our local schools in Burnham - staff and pupils

Saturday Our Bishops at this time. Especially Bishop Peter shielding. The Assistant bishops.


Prayers are asked for - Mark Coles. We are asked to pray for Philip. We pray for Alison Crump convalescing at home. Pray for Valarie Lewis and Ann Burridge and Catherine Jones. And Pat Coombes

We pray for Emily, Matt and Ted Scott and pray for them at this time.

Pray for the soul of Sr Ruth – and Frank Burton who was a one time member of our church


Lectio 365 This is the name of an App that you can down load for free to your mobile phone. Each day there is a simple yet profound 10-minute act of devotion. I commend it to you. I am using it myself at the moment. Graham

From Phyllis Rowden

Children Society boxes will be collected later – when it is safe to do so. Please keep the boxes ready for collection. Many thanks.

Remade cards for most occasions available in aid of the Children’s Society. Phone Jean 781514.Thank you. Regards Jean

LENT 2021


To help us this Lent there will be devotions " Chocolates for Lent" commencing Ash Wednesday, 17th February.

They will be available each Wednesday of Lent on: YouTube, A.C.N.Y.  St Andrew's church website, and our Facebook page.  

The devotions will also be available in a printed version available each week in the weekly postings on email and by Royal Mail. Note – Postal copies may not be available until later in the week.  

The on-line version will NOT be word for word of the printed version, but the theme will be the same.   

Please retain any paper copy as only the Reading ( if used) and meditation differ

Stations of the Cross

There will be a set of 12 Crosses placed in the churchyard that you can prayerfully follow and pray for all affected by Covid 19. So, when you are out for exercise do walk the Churchyard.


During Lent we are going to offer you the chance to join in the UNICEF TwinningVax. Just as we are twinned with our toilets – so we have an opportunity to donate monies so that people in the Third World can be vaccinated.

You can read about the UNICEF appeal on their website. Please retain any monies saved for this excellent cause and it can be collected up nearer Easter – THANK YOU



Entries to this newsletter to Graham by Tuesday lunchtime please.





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