Pastoral Letter 13th December 2020

Pastoral Letter 13th December 2020

Pastoral Letter 13th December 2020



NOTE -Services in St Andrew’s - Dec 13th – 8.00am & 10.0a.m. (N - Z Surnames)

NEXT SUNDAY – is the last Pastoral letter of the year – any information to go in it by next Tuesday 12Noon

The Church will remain open Mon – Saturday 10a.m. to 3.00p.m., Sunday 2 – 4p.m.

This week there will be a YouTube service for Sunday. We will have a service available to you via, post, church website, email and YouTube & Facebook and the website – A Church Near You.(ACNY) The YouTube service should be available on Saturday – so do look.

Weeks readings

Monday 14th

Ps 40

1 Thess 5 vv 1 - 11

Tuesday 15th Dec

Ps. 70

1 Thess 5 vv 12 - end

Wed 16th Dec

Ps 75

2 Thess 1

Thursday 17th Dec

Ps 76

2 Thess 2

Friday 81th Dec

Ps 77

2 Thess 3

Saturday 19th Dec

Ps. 146

Epistle of Jude


Thursday Prayer at Ten"    You are invited to devote 15 minutes, starting at 10 a.m. with the "Our Father" then praying for the weeks cause and concluding at 10.15 by saying the "Grace".  It is simply committing to that time each week by praying "together whilst apart". Here is the prayer for Thursday prayer:

Today we recall the life and ministry of John of the Cross

O Blessed Jesus, grant me stillness of soul in Thee. Let Thy mighty calmness reign in me. Rule me, O thou King of gentleness, King of peace. Give me control, control over my words, thoughts and actions. From all irritability, want of meekness, want of gentleness, O dear Lord, deliver me. By thine own deep patience give me patience, stillness of soul in Thee. Make me in this, and in all, more and more like Thee. Amen.



We have Advent Reflections in a booklet, which is available in church, online via ACNY and will be emailed out too. In the booklet there is one suggested  Advent reflection for each week of Advent.  

These reflections will also be on-line.  Becoming available each Monday of Advent.  The online version will follow but not word for word the booklet version. They may be accessed via YouTube, ACNY, Facebook and our website.



FOODBANK – Thank you for the donations left at the Vicarage. The Foodbank is receiving a huge number of requests for help while people wait for grants and benefits to come through. If, you can support the foodbank donations can be dropped off in Tesco or at the Vicarage.


Custard, Rice Pudding, Coffee (small jars) Jam, Fruit juice, Squash, toilet rolls, soap, basic toiletries for men & women. 

If people would like to donate specific "Christmas goodies" we need to receive these ideally in the first week of December to ensure they are distributed before Christmas. Advent calendars by last week in November. 




Monday Those in hospitality industry

Tuesday Weston Hospice and its staff and chaplains

Wednesday Those working in our care homes in Burnham and Burnham hospital.

Thursday Our Town and town council

Friday Our families

Saturday Our Bishops at this time. Especially Bishop Peter waiting for stem cell transplant soon.

Prayers are asked for - Mark Coles. We are asked to pray for Philip. We remember also Janet Chalmers and Marie Lindsey. We pary for Alison Crump. If you are aware of others please let us know


Lectio 365 This is the name of an App that you can down load for free to your mobile phone. Each day there is a simple yet profound 10-minute act of devotion. I commend it to you. I am using it myself at the moment. Graham

Jean Brewer has some Children’s Society remade Christmas cards for sale. Free delivery or collect if attending church. To order speak to Jean on 781514

ARCHBISHOPS call for a time of prayer – at 6.00pm each day of this lockdown – resources on the C of E website. The Deanery will be praying ‘together but apart on Thursday evenings from 6.00pm to 6.30p.m.

Flower Rota for 2021

I am starting to put together next year’s flower rota, in anticipation and hope that we will be back to using the church as normal in 2021!! With this in mind I would like to know who is happy to remain on the rota as in previous years. If anybody feels they DO NOT wish to continue on it can you please let me know as soon as possible, either by phone or email

01278787341. 0r 07890232387 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



THANK YOU to all who have been knitting hats, mufflers and other items for seafarers during our periods of Lockdown and to everyone who has been filling Christmas shoeboxes with goodies for the seafarers who touch base at the Portbury Seafarers’ Mission*, all so greatly appreciated. ( *If the seafarers are unable to leave their ships gifts are taken to them.)


Please return your boxes and any additional items to church on Sunday, 5th December. If this is not possible please put them in church  on Monday , 30th November/ Wednesday 2nd December /Friday 4th December /Monday 6th December between 10am and noon when the church is open for private prayer. Alternatively boxes maybe left at the vicarage. 


If you have been unable to do a box this year but would still like to make a donation please put your offerings in an envelope marked Portbury Mission Shoeboxes. The money will be used for seafarers in need at our local Mission.


We plan to take all the gifts and offerings to the Mission this week.


Thank you for your generosity. 



2 resources from Wells Cathedral for Advent

  1. Advent Carol Service:

As we shall only be moving towards the end of the current lockdown period, this year’s Advent Carol Service will be pre-recorded by the Cathedral Choir and available on the Cathedral website and Facebook on Sunday 29th November at 5pm. All are welcome.

  1. A Virtual Musical Advent Calendar:

In recent weeks the Cathedral Choir have been working hard to record 25 pieces to make up a virtual musical advent calendar which will be available from 9am each day during Advent. It will be available on the Cathedral website and also Facebook.

Or try this.., from Margaret

So, just during Advent, I will put out once a week evening prayer via live stream.  Common Worship version. – copy sent to you as an attachment.

The whole thing provides 15 minutes of "communal" prayer.

Propose I do it on Wednesday evening at 5:15 pm on 2nd 9th 16th and 23rd December.

To access this go to YouTube and the St Andrew’s Church, Burnham on Sea pages.



The Stable went up on Monday 7th December. We would like to have the church open each day from 10a.m. to 3.00p.m to welcome visitors this week . If you can offer to be a Church-welcomer for an hour ( or more, if you choose) please sign up the lists -TODAY or contact Graham with your preferred times and days -


As we approach Christmas we will be offering take-away Christingle kits to families who visit . Guidance will be offered to anyone who offers to do this – as to how they, and visitors can stay safe

There will be a Stations of the Nativity to walk prayerfully around as well as the Prayer Christmas tree in our prayer chapel.


Lets offer this to our town as a way to help them prepare for Christmas.




In Church you will find lists of Christmas services. There are lists to sign to let us know if you are attending so we can plan the safe spacing for people. Please make it a priority to consider which services you may attend and then SIGN UP – and please do this as soon as you can

Services on Christmas Eve at 10a.m. and 11.15p.m.

Christmas Day 8.0a.m. and 10a.m.




Julia Arthur has kindly offered to collect Christmas cards and deliver them from those not attending Church at the moment

For those attending Church – you may drop cards off in the box on the table by the door and Julia will deliver them.


Julia’s number is 07879363837 – Give her a ring to arrange collection.

Many thanks Julia




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