Open to the voice of God

Letter from Bishop of Taunton

Open to the voice of God

This month I shall make my first visit to Zambia.  Mostly we take holidays in Scotland so this sounds somewhat exotic and probably warmer! However it is not intended to be a tourist visit but rather an opportunity to grow the friendship between our diocese and our sisters and brothers in our partnership link with Zambia.


Next year we celebrate 40 years of that friendship and you will be hearing much more of how we hope to mark that milestone and develop and strengthen the partnership. We hope that there will be visits to and fro so that we can learn from one another about how we live and tell our stories of faith and how to share the grace of God in our lives.


In recent months we have seen something of a growing fear and anxiety creeping in to some of the ways in which we as a society respond to people who have a different culture, ethnicity or religious faith than ourselves. Such fear can prevent us from the joy of discovering alternative views or perspectives or engaging in novel experiences. Reticence in taking risks can mean we miss the delight of making new friends.


Trust is something which grows as we step outside of the boundaries of our known world into the unfamiliar territory of another. The call of Christ to follow him is one that takes us beyond ourselves into places of discovery and the expanding of horizons.  I’m looking forward to meeting my Zambian brothers and sisters in the shared journey we have committed to walk together.


I hope that each of us will make the most of the opportunities we have both here and abroad to open ourselves to the voice of God as we experience new people, new places and new discoveries this summer.


The Right Reverend Ruth Worsley

Bishop of Taunton

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