Mission to Seafarers Report 2019

February 2019

Mission to Seafarers Report 2019

Thank you very much for all the support given for the Seafarers at Christmas. 

 As a result of the generosity of our congregation and their friends and relatives we were able to take to the Mission to Seafarers at Portbury in early December 55  shoe boxes filled with useful items, including warm hand knitted hats, gloves, mufflers, toiletries, and mugs as well as edible goodies and small games and Christmas cards with personal greetings. Also we were able to give the centre at Portbury £158 in donations to help any needy Seafarers visiting the centre.

 We were joined by members of other local churches taking their boxes, including St. Mary’s, Berrow, and by a representative of Burnham Trefoil Guild, with their boxes. The Centre always makes us most welcome.

 A date for your diary, Sea Sunday, 14th July 10.00 am in St. Andrew’s when we particularly remember Seafarers and their important work on all seas in all weathers to bring us the cargos which are so significance in our daily lives. To quote from a recent Portbury Seafarers’ Centre news sheet, ‘Did you know that 90% of everything we use everyday will have come through a British port- it may only be a small component part- but we import/ export many things and depend on Seafarers to help this process. When a ship arrives in port, the port looks after the ship and cargo- we at the Seafarer Centre look after the crew. Many will have signed long contracts- away from family and friends for many months, in order to send their wages home to their families. Life at sea is not easy!’

 Thank you

Liz Roost

P.S. When you buy a new pair of shoes, please ask for the box....and any extras they may have. Thank you.

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