Mission to Seafarer Support 2017

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Mission to Seafarer Support 2017

We had another interesting visit to Portbury in December to deliver our 61 filled Christmas shoe boxes from St. Andrew’s for Seafarers who dock near the Mission to Seafarers there. We were joined by members of St. Mary’s Berrow and together we covered the billiards table with colourful boxes.

Thank you for all the additional woollen hats, mufflers we also took and for kind donations of £72 to help Seafarers buy cards to help with mobile phone expenses.

The money raised on Sea Sunday, through the envelope collection , and from our October coffee morning went towards helping the ongoing work of the Mission to Seafarers.

The Mission to Seafarers serve 1.5 million Seafarers around the world in more than 200 ports in 50 countries. More than 90% of everything we consume arrives at our shores via the sea. Seafarers work tirelessly, often in dangerous and hostile conditions, to ensure we have all the things we need and enjoy. A life at sea is a hidden one where people often spend up to a year away from home. Unfortunately, such a hidden life can mean that human rights are not respected, basic needs not met and loneliness becomes a constant companion. For 160 years the Mission to Seafarers have been at the forefront of maritime welfare ensuring that those who work at sea, and their families, have an advocate. The goodwill and generosity of supporters is hugely important and vital to the efforts to ensure Seafarers across the globe are not forgotten. As a result Seafarers’ conditions are improving, unscrupulous ship owners are being held to account, families reunited and loved one brought home.
Thank you for ensuring this legacy continues.

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