Julian Group November 2021

Julian Group November 2021

Julian Group November 2021
Dear Friends,

Happy Anniversary!  On Monday the 15th November we mark the sixth Anniversary of the Burnham Area Julian Meeting and registration with the international Julian Meetings organisation. Thank you to all our supporters  and please keep on keeping on, as the saying has it (very appropriately for our present circumstances). At least we are able to meet again in person even though our social time of coffee afterwards  is deferred a little longer. For those who join us ‘virtually’, welcome, you are precious too.

This month our theme must be our Enviroment and Climate Change in the wake of COP26, just concluded in Glasgow. Our approach to the subject is however, rather different. We aspire to go deeper, way beyond all the rhetoric and statistics. We take the contemplative route of Mother Julian and move beyond words into the Great Silence, where we encounter Father God. In this silence and stillness we radiate our gratitude for the beauty and bountifulness of His gift of Mother Earth to us, and listen to His Word to us as to how we can do better for the future.

It was this line of thinking that brought to mind the profound wisdom of Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), a Burgundian Abbot, who is celebrated still for revitalising in his day, Benedictine monasticism. It remains an abiding conviction of ours that the Ancients exhibited a greater wisdom about our World than the Moderns acknowledge. So, this month we offer an opening prayer from St Benedict (480-547), whose Rule is still admired and followed by millions  and who, established twelve monasteries in Italy and the movement that bears his name. We open with the first part of his prayer and close with the second.

Then we offer Bernard of Clairvaux’s  quotation on the subject of our Earth Home and how we might see it and transact our days here. We say “offer “ because they are suggested only as the starting point in our contemplative reflection together. Once started it is vital to move beyond the words and closer to the heart of Father God.

Thank you to each and everyone who we count as companions in this beautiful and healing venture.

Yours ever,
Liz and Tony.

OPENING PRAYER — courtesy of St Benedict

Father, in your goodness grant me the intellect to comprehend You,
the perception to discern You, and the reason to appreciate You.

In Your kindness endow me with the diligence to look for You,
the wisdom to discover You, and the spirit to apprehend You……

OUR WORLD— courtesy of St Bernard of Clairvaux
Believe me, you will find more lessons in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters.’

(Including especially Brian, Clive and David)
—courtesy of St Bernard again:
What of the souls already released from their bodies? We believe that they are overwhelmed in the vast sea of eternal light and of luminous eternity’.
—“ We shall remember them”.

Be still….. breathe deeply and slowly ….. float away in the Silence …..use you anchor prayer/word to stay there and push away worldly distraction for up to a precious half hour, together with one another with God ….. breathe, breathe and breathe again….
let God love you…………..

COMING OUT…… very slowly, very gently …like climbing off the wooden boat on the Sea of Galilee …… take His hand to help you back into the present.

CONCLUDING PRAYER— St Benedict continued……

In Your graciousness bestow on me a heart to contemplate You,
ears to hear You, eyes to see You, the patience to wait for You,
and the perseverance to long for You.
Grant me a perfect end, Your holy presence.
I ask this in the name of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Peace be with you dear Friends.

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