Julian Group November 2020

Julian Group November 2020

Julian Group November 2020

Dear Julian Friend,

Thank you for being part of our contemplative fellowship on this the fifth Anniversary of our Burnham Area Julian Meeting. We will remember this fifth year as the year in which we were locked down  for much of the year and unable to meet face to face. But God is very gracious. We have been able to share in seeking His face together spiritually, a most precious fellowship for which we give thanks.

On this occasion we invite you to contemplate the eternity of God. This is prompted by a little item I read in my Prayer Diary recently. Tearfund gave thanks for the lifelong support of a dear lady who died just six weeks before her one hundredth birthday. She knew that the “end” was nigh and said to one of those who were to look after her estate, “Why should I worry about a telegram from the Queen when I am going to the King?”
What a wonderful and natural trust this dear lady displayed in the eternal Kingdom she was about to inherit.

Maybe we do not think and talk about this Eternity enough. Stephen Cottrell, now Archbishop of York, once said to us that nobody knows the nature of what is to come, nobody, but that we can be sure that it will be the continuation and fulfilment of what is now in the peace and love of the Father, by the grace of the Son. Furthermore the Spirit enables us to sense the Eternity of God by praying towards it now. So, happy contemplating dear Friends, and here’s to the next five years, or Eternity if that comes first for any of us.

Yours in Christ, Tony & Liz.
A  few thoughts as we Prepare to enter the Great Silence:

If radio’s slim fingers can pluck a melody from night and toss it over a continent or sea;
If petalled white notes of a violin are blown across the mountains or the city din;
If songs, like crimsoned roses, are culled from thin blue air —
Why should mortals wonder if God hears and answers prayer?”

                              (Ethel Rom Fuller)

For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night........’         Psalm 90 v4

Going in:

(Breathe deeply, slowly....... use your mantra or anchor prayer to engage and stay with the Great Silence you encounter within ....... allow at least half an hour ...... give no heed to external sounds or distracting thoughts ........ let go and let God LOVE YOU)

Coming out:
A Prayer as you slowly leave the Great Silence with a promise to return soon:

“You are the object of our journey.
You are the light in the gloom.
You are the Forgiving one.
You are the Peace Giver.
You are the Accompanier.
You are the Incarnate One.
Come to guide us, to lead us and forgive us.
Glory be to you, my God and King.”

A Blessing:
Spirit’s wisdom, start up music from our Saviour in our hearts.
Be the peace of the Spirit ours this day.
Be the peace of the Son ours this day.
Be the peace of the Father ours this day.
The peace of all peace be ours this day,
each morning and evening of our lives.          Amen.


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