Julian Group June 2020

Julian Group June 2020

Julian Group June 2020


Dear Friends,

On Monday  the 15th June at 10am, our “regular” Julian group will be meeting, virtually, for our monthly Julian time of contemplation or meditation. We would normally be sending around some small resources to float this raft of half hour’s silence together. On this occasion it might be interesting to you to see the sort of thing that we “
do” (wrong word, because it is absolutely not a half hour of words, rather a conscious endeavour to push way beyond words into the Great Silence, who is God Himself). So this is what we do.

Spend  half an hour in a place of stillness and silence. Settle down comfortably but attentively. Start by breathing slowly and mindfully, deeply, kindly. Ignore thoughts and sounds that will try to intrude. To help with this, especially in the first five minutes, try repeating  a mantra or anchor prayer, something very simple like “
Lord have mercy” or 
Maranatha, come Lord” (my favourite) or “Peace, perfect peace”. Continue to repeat this whenever monkey thoughts try to wrestle you away.

There are three stages. Firstly the five minutes or so mentioned above; secondly what we call “
Going-in” (to the Great Silence). This is the half hour, or so, mentioned. The last is what we call “Coming-out”. Hopefully you will not want to come out but “needs must“ as the saying goes. Do this very gently, very gently indeed, otherwise you will lose the peace and tranquility you have just  encountered. It is more than peace and tranquility, it is healing and nurturing, after all you have been “ listening to God, listening to you” as Teresa of Avila so eloquently expressed it. You have been “bathing” in God’s inexpressible (in words) love, like sun bathing. Finish with a short prayer, or the Grace.
Have a cup of coffee or tea!

Here are a few wise words or prayers to help the Going-in and Coming-out . Use or discount at discretion.


 Gregory of Nysa: Every thought of God is an idol”

 R.S.Thomas: about God and prayer generally, especially the wordy prayers we use 

( me especially, oh dear!): on the Nature of God “that great absence”  ; 

on Prayer: “......like gravel flung at the sky’s window.” Very occasionally we might detect “a movement of the curtain”.


 Meister  Eckhart: “There is nothing so much like God as silence”.


 Reverend Professor Doctor Sir John Polkinghorne (Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge, aged 89!): “I think most people have a sort of intuition of Hope, that in the end, “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well” as Julian of Norwich says.........”

Prayer: Spirit’s wisdom start up music from our Saviour in our hearts.

I honour the place in you where God is. When you are in this place in you and I am in this place in me, then we are one.

                              Peace be with you.      Tony.

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