Julian Group July 2020

Julian Group July 2020

Julian Group July 2020

Dear Friends,
Our next Julian Meeting is on Monday at 10a.m. (or such other proximate time as you can manage). Curiously I think the word “Meeting” is still entirely appropriate because this is a meeting of minds and spirits together with each other and , more importantly, together with Father God. So please join together and help keep the flickering flame of contemplative prayer burning. It may be some time before we can be sufficiently relaxed and confident to meet again in Church, but no matter, meet together we will, by the grace of Christ Jesus.

Below are some materials which you may use or not as the Spirit leads. I have used a short Meditation on Silence and divided it into two parts, one as we go into silence and the other as we come out. The timing is again at the Spirit’s leading but roughly the usual pattern , “Lord have mercy” and five minutes or so of conscious breathing and beginning to sink into silence anchored by your mantra or short prayer.My favourite presently is “Yahweh” in two syllables, the first breathing in deeply and slowly, the second breathing out the distractions and cares of the day  to the same rhythm. 

When the Spirit leads, say silently, “Christ have mercy” and sink deeply into that inner place where you come into the presence of the Divine and just listen, no more and no less, using your anchor word(s) to stay still and at peace. When the Spirit leads again say , “Lord have mercy” and slowly, very slowly return to the day and the present, changed, refreshed, renewed by the encounter. Thank you for sharing this with me and our other Friends in Christ.


GOING IN :   “True silence is a key to the immense and flaming heart of God. It is the beginning of a divine courtship that will end only in the immense, creative, fruitful , loving silence of final Union with the Beloved.
Such silence is holy, a prayer beyond all prayers, leading to the final prayer of  constant presence of God, to the heights of contemplation, when the soul finally at peace, lives by the will of Him, whom she utterly loves, totally and completely...................................
fo a silent heart is a loving heart, and a loving heart is a hospice to the world.”

COMING OUT:  “True silence is the search of any person for God.True silence is a suspension bridge that a soul in love with God builds across the dark frightening gullies of its own mind, the strange chasms of temptation, the depthless precise of its own fear, that impedes its way to God.
True silence is the speech of lovers. For only love knows its beauty, completeness and utter joy.” (courtesy of the Celtic Daily Prayer Book). God be with you.

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