Julian Group January 2022

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Julian Group January 2022
Dear Friends,

We send our somewhat belated Good Wishes for the New Year recently arrived. We wish you more and deeper contemplative prayer to refresh and inspire you this year.
We also hope for the retreat of the coronavirus in its various mutations so that we can again share our Julian monthly meetings together in more relaxed circumstances during this year. Who knows, we may even be able to enjoy each other’s company over coffee after our Meetings again soon!

For the next couple of months we are going to draw on the wisdom of some of the writings of John Main, a Benedictine monk born in January 1926 and who died forty years ago in 1982. His writings in turn, draw deeply on the well of ancient wisdom of the mystics of old and demonstrate yet again, what wisdom they had and how extraordinarily timeless it is. This ancient wisdom needs to be rediscovered in this technocratic and frantic age upon us, for this truly is the way back into the Great Silence which is where God is. So we salute John Main and listen again, before our time of stillness and silence, to him and some of the mystics of old who nourished and inspired him. Likewise we draw on some of the rich resources of David Adam, one time Warden of Holy Island Lindisfarne in Northumbria, especially some of his prayer poetry and Celtic music lyrics.

Please join us in person or in spirit at 10a.m.  on Monday for our contemplative fellowship in St. Andrew’s. All are welcome, no special qualifications are needed; we simply meet together to silently contemplate the vastness of the God who loves us more than we can imagine. The time together is always immensely rewarding. 
With our love,
Liz and Tony 
(Co-ordinatiors, Burnham Area Julian Meeting)

RESOURCES - to enable us to centre down and ‘Go In’ and ‘Come Out’ of the ‘Silence of the Soul’.

As the seed of ‘Silence of the Soul’ began to germinate it became clear to me that I wanted to share something of the beauty , the power and transforming action this way of prayer can have for us in our lives. It is about simplicity which is very hard for us with our complex over-active minds. It involves a radical letting go of all the things that make us feel strong, powerful and in-control……… 
-Margaret Rizza, Composer, mostly of Church music, b.1929

….. in other words, as the Julian Meetings prayer puts it, ‘Let go, and let God love you’.

As we enter the silence within us, having allowed ourselves to become aware of its presence in the first place, we are entering a void in which we are unmade. We cannot remain the person we were or thought we were. But we are in fact, not being destroyed but awakened to the eternal fresh source of our being. We become aware that we are being created, that we are springing from the Creator’s hand and returning to him in Love.’
-John Main

The wonderful beauty of prayer is that the opening of our heart is as natural as the opening of a flower. To let a flower open and bloom it is only necessary to let it BE. So if we simply ARE, if we remain still and silent our hearts cannot be but open ; the Spirit cannot but pour through our whole being. It is for this that we have been created.’, John Main.

GOING IN - - settle down, breathe deeply and slowly, in and out, on the indrawing take in the breath of God, on the outbreathing, let go of all thoughts, anxieties and burdens of the day……. stay here for say five minutes……then slip into the Great Silence and ‘let God love you’… some lyrics of David Adam perhaps to attune you to the Silence….

    ‘You, Lord, are in this place. Your presence fills it; your presence is peace.
      You Lord, are in my heart. Your presence fills it; your presence is peace.’

COMING OUT - - very slowly, very gently……. come back to the here and now, refreshed, re-created by the warmth of God’s creative Love…….

Some more words of David Adam’s song lyrics : You Lord, are in this place.

      ‘You,Lord are in my mind. Your presence fills it; your presence is peace.
        You, Lord are in my life. Your presence fills it; your presence is peace.’

Some words of Meister Eckhart:
‘The Central Silence is there where no creature may enter, nor any idea, and there the soul neither thinks not acts, nor entertains any idea either of itself, or of anything else.’

BLESSING   ‘In nominee’ ( per Ray Simpson)
       In the name of the restful Father,
       In the name of the calming Son;
       In the name of the peaceful Spirit,
       May we and God be one.’

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