Julian Group January 2021

Julian Group January 2021

Julian Group January 2021

Dear Julian Friend,

This New Year I have found it rather misplaced to wish friends and loved ones “
Happy New Year”. I have been puzzling over a more appropriate greeting given our sad circumstances. The best I have thought of is to wish you a “Closer walk with God in 2021”. Our times of Julian fellowship, when we breathe deeply and enter the Great Silence  where we draw closest to our Father and the Kingdom of Heaven, is a wonderful aid towards that desired closer walk with Him.

One of the really significant plus points about these days of isolation is the time we can spend with the Holy Scriptures. A daily portion, including a fresh walk through Psalms, is better than the “
five a day” prescription  we all strive to achieve. I am again struck by the Psalmist’s absolute frankness with God. When he(or she) is down and desperate God is told so in no uncertain terms. I am struck by the oft repeated cry to God to strike down the enemy in no uncertain terms. But I don’t think I have many enemies so it doesn’t feel appropriate to identify with those pleas by the Psalmist. Ah, but hold on a moment! We all have a common enemy at the moment called , unassumingly, Covid or Coronavirus. This enemy stalks the earth and puts us all in fear and anxiety, deep sadness at not being with our friends and loved ones, not being able to go to Church to sing our praises gustily, not being able to live, move and love freely. 

The Psalmist matches despair with profound worship of God, trust in His unfailing mercy and His tender loving-kindness. Indeed the words the Psalmist uses to express these joys to God actually make the cries of anguish and despair seem inconsequential in comparison. So it should be for us, dare I say. When we move in silence and stillness beyond words into the deep within each of us where God meets with us, we enter into His promised peace; deep, deep peace which “ 
passes all understanding”; the peace which stills all fears and overcomes all anxieties about the days ahead. We walk together the Way of Hope, in and towards the Kingdom where fear and anxiety have no meaning.

So, dear Friend, we wish you a closer walk with God this new year.

Yours, Tony & Liz.

THOUGHTS and PRAYERS going into, and coming out of Silence and Stillness

 (for which allow at least half an hour) in your preferred quiet space:

GOING IN” — breathe deeply and slowly whilst using your anchor prayer or mantra; do not underestimate the rhythm of breathing’s ability to help set aside the world of distractions and concerns which are part of our nature— breathe in and out slowly, say your anchor prayer whenever they intrude.

Meister Eckhart  , “There is nothing so much like God as silence.”


Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “ The more we receive in silent prayer, the more we can give in our active life. We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

St Brendan’s 6th Century Prayer,  

Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown. Give me the faith to leave old ways and break fresh ground with you. Christ of the mysteries, I trust you to be stronger than each storm within me. I will trust in the darkness and know that my times, even now, are in Your hand. Tune my spirit into the music of heaven and somehow, make my obedience count for you.” Amen

So..... let go, and let God love you...........


St Francis of Assisi,  “Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

A Prayer by David Cole (BRF, “New Daylight”), 

Holy and awesome One, May I let go of my inner self and allow you fully to transform me, that I would embody a Christlike character in an authentic and real way. May Your presence within me affect those around me simply by You being in me and I being with them.”

Enjoy your closer walk with God.  Amen

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