Julian Group February 2021

Julian Group February 2021

Julian Group February 2021

Julian Group February 2021

Dear Julian Friend,

We greet you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ : Peace be with you. Welcome to anyone who is joining us for the first time ; the Burnham Area Julian Meeting is always delighted to welcome new friends. We meet presently remotely on account of Covid 19 restrictions, but our fellowship with one another at about 10 am. or thereabouts on Monday the 15th February is an assured time of  blessing in the Spirit of God. Although we are not together physically presently we are very much together in the Spirit, as we contemplate in silence and stillness for a half hour or so, the wondrous love of Our Father in Heaven. The following random thoughts and offerings may help us to be together in this time, but feel free to use them or not as the Spirit leads you into and out of the Great Silence which is God.

 One of the really positive things about Lockdown  has been the time and opportunity to read more of  the Scriptures and to encounter God in and through them. I have been reading quite a lot about David and his son Solomon in the two books of Chronicles.  I know not why (Yes, I do!) but I am struck by how often there is reference to Gates and Gatekeepers in Scripture. Gates and Gatekeepers were obviously extremely important features of the Holy City of Jerusalem at the time of planning and executing the construction of the Temple to the Name of the Lord. To this day the Gates of Jerusalem are a notable feature of the Holy City. In Chronicles 2 Ch. 8: verse14 for example we read that Solomon “also appointed the gatekeepers by divisions for the various gates, because this was what  David the man of God had ordered”. The Gates themselves and Teams of Gatekeepers were a very important element of protection during the great construction project.

 You could say that we are a gated community of believers in these Coronavirus days. We are locked down by regulations and injunctions ( the Gates) and they are for our protection against harm, so they are both positive and negative. The gates of the Church are closed against public worship and the Clergy have taken on the role of Gatekeepers, a role they were never expecting to have to perform. Perhaps they might be encouraged by the high importance and respect afforded to the Gatekeepers in the days of David and Solomon. We can but hope so because they need our love and encouragement in this unfamiliar role. Anyway, I digress. The point of all this might be expressed thus. In our time of contemplation together we each strive to set aside concerns and words to enter into the Great Silence where God is; to be comforted by His presence and promises; to be energised and strengthened along the Way by the hope we have  in Him.  

 I must draw this all together! I invite you to use the image of the Gate to enter into the Great Silence by contemplation of the image. Hear also in your heart the words of Our Lord Jesus himself in John Ch 10: verse 7, “I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep” and in verse 9, “ I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.”  So, dear Friend,  open the gate of your heart, mind and soul in our Julian time. Breathe in the love and life of God; breathe out all that weighs you down and troubles you and, as you leave the Great Silence, close the gate against all that burdens you, and keep on in the healing and hope you have encountered in your encounter with God


Peace be with you.

 Love from, Tony & Liz.

GOING IN: after sitting comfortably in stillness and silence for five minutes or so , using the YhWh prayer to open the gate, i.e. breathe in deeply on the Yh and breathe out slowly on the Wh, bathe in the warmth of God’s love for you. 

Leave all concerns, anxieties, fears and frustrations outside the gate. 


Listen to St John of the Cross as you settle:

I entered into unknowing

Yet when I saw myself there

Without knowing where I was

I understood great things;

I shall not say what I felt

For I remained in unknowing

Transcending all knowledge”.


After your time in the contemplation of the Great Silence, when the Spirit prompts you to return, leave slowly and gently, arrive back where you are, and where you are meant to be.

 COMING OUT:  Hear Barbara Brown Taylor

John of the Cross says that the dark night is God’s gift to you, intended for your liberation.”

 Also, Brian McLaren

You actually need this purgation  and unknowing to prepare you for a new depth of living, knowing and loving”.

 (Thanks to Richard Rohr for these quotations).  Recommended reading : “The Cloud of Unknowing”  (14thCentury wisdom)



May nothing upset you,

Nothing frighten you,

Everything passes,

God doesn’t change; 

Patience will accomplish everything;

Whoever possesses God ,

Lacks for nothing,

Only God suffices.                Amen.

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