Julian Group August 2021

Julian Group August 2021

Julian Group August 2021

Dear Friends,


As we tentatively emerge from lockdowns and Church opens up by degrees to the full praise and worship of Our Father in Heaven, we shall again meet in St. Andrew’s at 10 a.m. next Monday, that is those of us who are physically able to do so. Those of you who are not able to may benefit from the resources below which we will use together in our Meeting. I say “together” because it is a great joy to know that some of you now join in quite regularly although you may be some distance away. This is one of the real dividends of our lockdown experiences namely, our Meeting together is both physical and virtual. The fellowship is joyful, for we are then One, with each other and with our Father God.


The August Magazine from ‘Julian Meetings’, our umbrella organisation, is so full of excellent things that it would be a shame to do any other than capitalise on them in our next few Meetings. I am indebted, for example, to Jonathan Gordon Smith(JGS) who writes about his journey into Contemplative Prayer through the study of ancient Hindu practices of meditation (‘Advaita Vedanta’). He echoes the instinct many of us have that God is found as much in the Mysticism of the East as in the Christian traditions of the West.


Thomas Merton, Trappist Monk, and writer was following this line of exploration in his life and writing when he tragically died from a freak accident whilst in the East. 


Abhishiktanada, a French priest moved from French Catholicism to Eastern Mysticism, changing his name in the process. We may explore this quest for Oneness with God together a lot more in future.


For the present let me offer some of the thoughts of JGS  and the prayers in the August Magazine to launch us into that private inner space of stillness and silence on Monday morning, when we contemplate the majesty, benevolence, and beneficence of Our Lord and God and strive to be One with Him.  Please join us. 


Peace be with you.

Yours ever,

Tony & Liz.




GOING IN to Silence and Stillness 

( after five minutes or so of breathing deeply and starting to anchor in your preferred mantra or Prayer e.g. ‘ Yahweh’; the Jesus Prayer; ’Maranatha’)


We do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit prays in us with sighs too deep for words.’ -

Romans 8:26           




Deeper than my words,

deeper than my knowing,

Spirit, pray in me.


I open the door of my heart for you.

I hold the arms of my spirit open to you.


Spirit, pray in me.


I only hold the space.

I do not hear your prayers,

your sighs too deep for my hearing.


I do not know how to pray.

I only know how to be still,

Spirit, as you pray in me


 Steve Garnaas-Holmes (Posted on Unfolding Light May 18,2018)


O Lord, the scriptures say “There is a time for silence and a time for speech”.

Saviour, teach me the silence of humility, the silence of wisdom, the silence of love, the silence of perfection, the silence that speaks without words, the silence of faith.

Lord, teach me to silence my own heart, that I may listen to the gentle movement

of the Holy Spirit within me, and sense the depths which are God. Amen                                      (  Frankfurt Prayer, 16th century )


Continue to breathe consciously— slip away from the present - seek only to be one with the One who loves us—bask in that love— ask no questions, seek no answers, just be…………. 

for about thirty minutes.



……slowly, gently, into the present…….



Softly whispering Spirit

Blow gently into our lives

Blow softly into our minds and bring peace

Blow softly into our thoughts

And bring understanding

Blow softly into our concerns

And bring calm

Blow softly into our fears 

And bring courage

Blow softly into our hearts

And bring love

Life-giving Spirit

Breathe your life into our lives

This day and every day.     Amen.’                                           

(Elizabeth Mills)


Peace be with you.

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