Julian Group April 2021

Julian Group April 2021

Julian Group April 2021
Dear Julian Friend,

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus. Welcome again to our time of Julian fellowship on Monday the 19th April in this precious Easter Season. It will be very good to again share fellowship in contemplative 
Silence and Stillness wherever you may be around 10a.m. Remembering also the other Julian “S’s” of Simplicity and Surrender, that intentional surrendering of all worldly concerns and simply basking in the light and love of God our Father. Your patience and perseverance in this joint venture, albeit remotely from one another, will be rewarded by the One who is never remote.

As to when we shall be able to meet together for our Julian time in Church we offer a couple of thoughts. Co-incidentally our next two scheduled Meeting dates fall on key dates in the relaxation offered by HM Government from lockdown to “normality”, namely the 17th May and the 21st June. Perhaps we might aspire therefore to meet face to face, as it were, on Monday the 21st June in St. Andrew’s? Let us know how you feel and we will decide in our next circulation letter.

Once again we offer below some thoughts leading into our Silent  Contemplation and gently coming out after half an hour or so. As always they are not prescriptive, just focusing, assisting that centring process of comfortable posture, deep and slow breathing, reciting your simple Anchor prayer or Mantra to sink deeper into that quiet place within where you meet with the Great Silence Himself, letting go and letting God.
Ironically this is not about method (see Dallas Willard below) but the intentional movement from the present to the eternal, letting go and letting Him love you.

Peace be with you dear Friends.
Love from us both,
Liz and Tony.

Going in’

Humility not Method

What is important is (a) a life surrendered to God; (b)a humble openness to His direction; (c) experience of the way His word comes to us; (d)fervent but patient requests for guidance. Not method.’
- Dallas Willard. ...... American Philosopher and Spiritual writer (1935-2013) ....’Hearing God.’

Regular time of Listening
It is important to observe  regular times for listening.It is more important to cultivate the quiet, inward space of constant listening than always to be approaching God for specific direction.

How really can one achieve such solitude? By standing still! Stand still and allow the strange, deadly restlessness of our tragic age to fall away like the worn-out, dusty cloak that it is — a cloak that was once considered beautiful. The restlessness was once considered the magic carpet to tomorrow, but now, in reality we see it for what it is: a running away from oneself, a turning from that journey inwards that all men must undertake to meet God dwelling within the depths of their souls.’
Catherine de Hueck  Doherty —Russian emigre Canadian Spiritual writer (1896-1985)

(Breathe deeply, let go and let God, enter the Great Silence and listen...............)

Coming out’ — very slowly, very gently, back to the here and now, changed, refreshed...

Love’s Apex
When love reaches its apex it cannot be expressed anymore. It has reached that immense realm of silence where it pulsates and reaches proportions unknown to those who haven’t entered it. Such is the life of prayer with God. You enter into God and God enters into you, and the union is constant.’
Catherine de Hueck Doherty (ibid).

Spirit’s wisdom, start up music from our Saviour in our hearts. 
Be the peace of the Spirit ours this day.
Be the peace of the Son ours this day.
Be the peace of the Father ours this day.
The peace of all peace be ours this day,
each morning and evening of our lives. 


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