Deanery plans and parish responses

What do you think the Deanery should be doing?

Deanery plans and parish responses

The Deanery Synod planning group have asked parishes to explore three areas of growth, and to consider how they are planning new ideas.
The PCC has begun consideration and has come up with some ideas. I now invite you to ponder new ways . I would be grateful to receive your own thoughts on this matter.
The three areas to consider are:
Growing people – numbers and maturing faith
More modern service at another time more suitable to family life.
Once a month family worship.
Marketing our church in local press/ local reach and via social media.
Statistics show that BOS has younger age profile than is assumed – how are we engaging with younger people?
Engaging with King Alfred’s.
Are we engaging with people in the hope of increasing funds?
How do we reach into the wider community – to support them?
Should we have more community activities in church?
Keep church open?
Re-imaging ministry – and working together
Imaginative worship books to make it easier to follow.
Cards in pews to contact people.
So dream away – and then let me know your ideas 


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