Christmas Tree Festival 2018

Christmas is coming!

Christmas Tree Festival 2018

As a quick look at the shops will tell you, “Christmas is coming.” Saint Andrew’s is planning to hold another Christmas Tree Festival with life size Crib Scene, in 2018.The plan is that we begin the set-up on Monday, 3rd. December - which will need a lot of help please – and then the exhibitors can dress their trees as the week proceeds, leading to the Dedication Service at 6.00 pm on Saturday, 8th. December.

I will be writing direct to all those who have previously had a tree. If you know of anyone else who wants a tree this year, please ask them to contact me by Sunday, 4th. November – on 793627 – so that I can send them a letter with all the details. I want to avoid having people asking to have a tree at the last minute.

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