Christian Aid Quiz

A Quiz for Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Quiz


This can be done individually, in pairs (in shared home or by phone/zoom) or in teams up to 4 via. zoom or phone.

Cost £2.50 per person in team – payable later in year or drop money in envelope through Vicarage door.

Return answers on paper or via email to Fr Graham by Noon on Sunday 24th May 2020. Winners will be announced the following Sunday – there are prizes!! – for best Individual player, Best pair & Best team.

Mr Google search or the like – or encyclopaedia’s not to be used!!


Round 1.

1.Which well-known UK business man is most closely associated with Newcastle United, Sports Direct and House of Fraser?


2. What type of vehicle does Robert De Niro drive in the title of a 1976 Martin Scorsese film?


3. Ocular Coloboma is a condition affecting which organs?


4.Which US racehorse was the focus of a 2003 Hollywood film?


5. Which lead singer of the band Culture Club was born George Alan O'Dowd?


6. Bodhrán, Conga and Snare are all types of which musical instrument?


7. In 2015, Kenneth Branagh succeeded Richard Attenborough as President of which Dramatic Arts organisation?


 8.Red and which other colour is on the flag of Austria?



Round 2 - Musicals

1.Ole Man River is a song composed in 1927 for which musical?


 2.Younger Than Springtime, and Some Enchanted Evening are just two of the many classics from which musical?


3. What is the opening song in the musical Cabaret?


4. Anne Hathaway sang I Dreamed a Dream in the film version of which musical?


5. ‘Getting to Know You’ is one of the best known songs from which musical?


6. Jersey Boys charts the story of which 60’s rock and roll band?


 7.Which musical is based on the 1992 film of the same name which starred and featured songs by Whitney Houston?




Round 3

Can you identify the following British Overseas Territories by their capitals? Additional clues are given in brackets with the acronym of each territory.


1.The Valley (A)

2.Hamilton (B)

3.George Town (CI)

4.Stanley (FI)

5.Adamstown (PI)

6. Road Town (BVI)

7.Plymouth (M)


Round 4

1.Ahh Bisto' is a phrase best associated with which type of British food sauce?


2. Joe Biden served as Vice President of the United States under which President?


3.If one side of a square is ten centimetres long, what is the circumference?


4. The common phrase 'down and out' meaning beaten is taken from which sport?


5.'Heart of Darkness' is an 1899 novel by which British author?


6. How many runs does a batsman score in Cricket when the ball crosses the boundary rope without touching the floor?


7. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus became the head of which United Nations agency in 2017?


Round 5

1.'The Potsdam Conference, 1945' took place at the end of which war?


2.Which two main ingredients make up Banoffee Pie?


3. The UK sitcom 'Gavin & Stacey' was written by Ruth Jones and which other comedian?


4. The Boat Race takes place between crews from which two UK universities?


5. 'Dog', 'Ice' and 'Out' can all precede which five letter word?


6. In the Bible, which character is known for building an ark?


7. In the Harry Potter book series, which character is described as having a “wild, tangled beard”?


8. Who became the first serving US President to appear on television during a 1939 broadcast from the World's Fair?


9. 'Moonshine' was a slang term for which type of beverage?







Round 6

  1. In which 1995 film does farmer Arthur Hoggett say "That'll do, pig. That'll do."?


 2. Queen Victoria belonged to which ruling house of the British monarchy; Hanover or Stuart?


 3. 'Bartolomew JoJo' are the given names of which Simpsons character?


4.  Which western astrological sign is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux?


5.  Which Lancastrian painter was best known for painting 'matchstick men'?


6.  Which Tolstoy novel begins "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."


 7. Llyn Tegid is the largest lake in which UK nation?



Round 7

1.Which 'G' precedes Prix, Slam and Theft?


 2.Which American/Russian tennis player won her second French Open in 2014?


3. Prospero is the main protagonist in which Shakespeare play?


4.In the Stars Wars film franchise, which character famously declares 'I am your father'?


5. The medical condition CHD stands for Coronary Heart ... what? 


6.  True or false; the setting for the ITV drama Midsomer Murders is a fictional English county called Midsomer?


7.  Eric Carle wrote a series of children's books about A Very Hungry ... what?


8.  In the UK, the Dubious Goals Committee adjudicate the identity of goalscorers in which sport?


9.  Eimear Quinn won the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest representing which country?


10.  Which British monarch was the final ruler in The House of Tudor?



Round 8 - Animals

  1. A Finnish Spitz is what type of creature? a) Dog b) Snake c) Cat

  2. The Blue Whale is the largest animal on the planet, but how big is its heart? is it comparable to a) a domestic washing machine b) a small car c) a delivery truck

  3.  The Bandicoot is native to which country?

  4. What would be an average weight range for an Asian Elephant? a) 2000lbs b) 5000lbs c) 8000lbs

  5.  Some Flamingos are coloured pink because of what? a) eating shrimps b) eating algea c) eating plankton

  6.  What is the common name for the animal of the genus Vulpes.


  1. What is the colour of a polar bear’s skin?


  1. How many hearts does an octopus have?


Round 9 – Downton Abbey Round

1.What is the name of the family who own and live in Downton Abbey?


 2.Who plays the character Lord Grantham?


 3.Downton Abbey is set in which county?


 4.Carson, played by Jim Carter, has what position in the Downton household? a) Gamekeeper b) Head Chef c) Butler


 5.Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, was married how many times?


 6.What is the title of Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith, in the series? a) Lady Crawley b) Duchess of Grantham c) Dowager Countess of Grantham


7. Tom Branson, who married into the Crawley family, had previously held which position for the household?


 8.Which Hampshire castle forms the backdrop to the series?



Round 10

A quiz on events which took place in the month of April


1.Born in April 1770 in Cockermouth he was Britain’s poet laureate from 1843 until his death in 1850, his most well known work being ‘Daffodils’?


2. Who resigned as British Prime Minister in April 1955 due to failing health?


3. Who was the English criminal executed in 1739, whose exploits as a Highwayman were unjustifiably romanticised?


4. German forces launched their third offensive of the Battle of Verdun during which war?


5. In April 2003 US troops captured Baghdad, leading to the collapse of whose regime two days later?


 6.Who was the right wing politician whose pro Nazi puppet government jointly governed Norway from 1942 to 1945 alongside a German administrator, Josef Terboven, and whose name has become a byword for ‘traitor’ or ‘collaborator?


7.Longacre Square in Midtown Manhattan changed its name in 1904 to what?


8. In 1784 the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolutionary War was signed by the US Congress and which British king?










































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