‘Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

April Letter by Bishop of Taunton

‘Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

‘Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!’

April 1st is both Easter Sunday and April Fools’ Day. Not a bad combination. For ‘it is the foolish things of God which confound the wise of this world’, so says Paul in his letter to Corinth. The message of the cross itself is foolish he says, and he, Paul, in telling the story of it, does so inexpertly, and through his own weakness. The story of God’s grace doesn’t make sense to many…


‘What does God see that’s worth redeeming in this world?’

‘Why love me?’

And if we get past these questions, then…

‘How come his forgiveness is for everyone, when ……… evidently doesn’t deserve it?!’


Perhaps like Paul we find it difficult to communicate the message of the cross well to others. We may feel we lack theological understanding, be unfamiliar with all the atonement theories, find it hard to put into words. But the simple fact is that the best way of telling the story, the message of Easter is through you, yourself.

As people look at the way you live, do they see someone with faults and failings, flawed and yet someone who knows that God loves them. Do they see you accepting the grace of God shown through his giving of himself on a cross for us? Do they see someone who now lives in the freedom of that forgiveness, living a life in all its abundance and fullness?

I have to confess that I find myself often continuing to strive to earn God’s love and grace. My life becomes full of all that I seek to do in ministry for him. Forgetful that the message of the cross is the expression of his love for me, freely given, without strings. All I need do is receive his love.


What foolishness!

Such love!


The Right Reverend Ruth Worsley

Bishop of Taunton

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