APCM 2018

Sharing the ministry of the church

APCM 2018

This year the APCM will be on Sunday 29th April at 11.30(ish) in the Church Hall. This will be followed by a shared lunch.

We held a very successful APCM last year.

A number of people have indicated that they are standing down from the PCC this year including Ken Hindle, Janet Chalmers, Bob Curry. Mr John Page has indicated that he wishes to stand down from the role of Churchwarden. We thank John for his work as Warden and the huge amount of time he took in reclaiming the VAT on our refurbishment works.

Our thanks also go to Bob, who has acted as our secretary for the past year, and to Janet and Ken respectively.

All this means that we shall be looking for someone to be churchwarden for the coming year, someone to be our PCC secretary and for at least 3 representatives for the PCC.

Please think about this matter and consider if you might be someone to help guide the church in the year ahead.

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